The penultimate April 30 episode hits the mother lode when Sheldon and Leonard’s moms, played by Emmy winners Laurie Metcalf and Christine Baranski, come face-to-face for the first time. “You’ve got a highly intelligent, cold-hearted psychiatrist in Beverly, and a warm, loving and God fearing woman in Mary — and both of them are not afraid to speak out,” previews showrunner Steve Molaro, who adds that the pair end up “doting on Sheldon” thereby “pushing Leonard off to the side.” Elsewhere, Bernadette suddenly realizes that Howard, Raj and Stuart have “transformed into what feels like her three teenage sons,” says Molaro with a laugh. “She’s had enough of it and starts giving them chores to do.”


CBS finally pulled out promoshoots from season 6 of The Good Wife. Enjoy them in our gallery!

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In the moments before she arrives, I realise I am unable to picture Christine Baranski without a Martini in hand.

 I’m thinking, of course, of Maryann Thorpe, the cocktail-swilling, dry-witted, ex-husband-maligning sidekick to Cybill Shepherd’s heroine in the mid-Nineties sitcom Cybill.

More recently, Baranski lit up 2008’s Abba film spectacular, Mamma Mia!, and her big number (wearing a red swimsuit, jiving and having the time of her life with a crowd of semi-naked young men) also featured something fruity in a Martini glass.

Today, though, on a rare day off from shooting the legal drama The Good Wife, she’s in errand-running rather than cocktail-quaffing mode.

“Forgive me,” she says, patting her perfectly coiffed hair as she arrives. “This is the working me.”

We’re in a small French cafe on New York’s Upper East Side, a few blocks from her apartment. Baranski is in a grey jumper and huge, ovoid sunglasses, which she tilts down, little finger raised, to reassure me “there is a person under here”.

In a few weeks she’ll fly to London to appear in two performances of Stephen Sondheim’s Follies at the Royal Albert Hall.

Baranski will play Phyllis, the former showgirl, and even though she is 62, a double-Tony winner and a seasoned performer of Sondheim, Baranski is as daunted as a person could be. She met the man himself after a production of Company in the late Seventies – the very first Sondheim show she did.

“He came backstage and said something nice and I thought I was actually going to faint. I felt as though I’d met God,” she says.

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Christine chats to Graham ahead of her appearance in Follies at the Royal Albert Hall.

Our Christine is the cover-girl for April issue of Watch! Magazine. Enjoy the HQ scans I added to the gallery!

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